Consolidated Income Statement  

in € millionsH1 2014H1 2013
Other operating income289360
Changes in inventories200144
Own costs capitalized99
Cost of materials(2,861)(2,701)
Royalty and license fees(540)(457)
Personnel costs(2,524)(2,396)
Amortization/depreciation, impairment charges and reversals of intangible assets and property, plant and equipment(389)(256)
Other operating expenses(1,504)(1,341)
Results from investments accounted for using the equity method259
Reversals of impairment/Impairment on investments accounted for using the equity method70
Results from financial assets(3)9
Results from disposals of investments68
EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes)554812
Interest income1011
Interest expenses(58)(96)
Other financial income716
Other financial expenses(84)(89)
Financial result(125)(158)
Earnings before taxes from continuing operations429654
Income taxes(178)(200)
Earnings after taxes from continuing operations251454
Earnings after taxes from discontinued operations3(35)
Group profit or loss254419
attributable to:
Bertelsmann shareholders
Earnings from continuing operations118341
Earnings from discontinued operations3(35)
Earnings attributable to Bertelsmann shareholders121306
Non-controlling interests
Earnings from continuing operations133113
Earnings from discontinued operations
Earnings attributable to non-controlling interests133113